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Our Rating 7 /10
License Freeware
Windows          XP/Vista/7

JPGAvi is used to create a video file, an animation, with an optional sound track, from either a series or a single bitmap file.

  • 99% of the most used bitmap formats are supported, i.e. JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIF, PCX, TGA.
  • A sound track can be added to the video.
  • A thumbnail, preview image, of the selected bitmap file is displayed, scrolling through these gives the illusion of a video file being played.
  • The bitmap files can be sorted by date or alphabetically.
  • Bitmap files can be selected by dragging and dropping into JPGAvi.
  • Identical bitmaps can be dropped from the video automatically.
  • A list of bitmap files is shown allowing for a specific sequence of files to be processed.
  • A batch processing option is available.
  • It is possible just to process the last few minutes worth of webcam files.
  • Processing is carried out in a low priority thread, so it is possible to carry on using the PC even if several thousand bitmap files are being processed..
  • The video file being created is displayed during processing.
  • Automatically creates single avi (video) files from individual bitmap files.
  • The time each frame and/or bitmap file is displayed can be specified in milli seconds.
  • The following image manipulations are available


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