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Adobe Photoshop CS2

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Adobe Photoshop CS2

Our Rating 9 /10
License Freeware
Windows          XP/Vista/7


This is an old version of Photoshop from 2005 which is now offered for free*. Although it does not offer the latest and greatest features, CS2 is perfectly suitable for professional image editing and includes all the features that made Photoshop the industry standard. Despite its longevity, CS2 is certainly not bad, and in my opinion, this is a very smart move from Adobe. Omitting those who’ll grab their software from unfair mediums, quite a few would-be Photoshop users will have settled for cheaper or free alternatives, notably the GIMP, but by giving everybody a taste of Photoshop through CS2, I wouldn’t be surprised if some users bit the bullet and ended up paying for a newer version.

Presumably, this means it’ll always be free, and while CS2 is missing quite a few features compared with the latest release, it’s certainly a nice late Christmas / New Years’ present for those who love nothing more than sitting at a computer and slipping into creative mode. Hopefully, this sets a precedent, meaning CS3 will soon become free as Adobe weighs up the costs of keeping activation servers running in relation to how many people would legitimately buy a decade-old software.

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