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YouTube HD Transfer

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YouTube HD Transfer download

Rating 9/10
License Freeware
Windows 32/64-bit XP/Vista/7

YouTube HD Transfer is a freeware application that allows you to download videos from YouTube in various formats and qualities to your local hard drive, like low/high quality FLV, High Definition MP4 (720p) and even Full High Definition MP4 (1080p).

It’s a tabbed based program that can be used to download single YouTube videos of which the urls are pasted into the program or to batch download many videos at once. It includes the option to extract the MP3 / AAC audio from the videos you’ve downloaded from YouTube. Videos related to the currently loaded video will be shown in a sidebar for easy access.

This version is slightly different than previous versions of YouTube HD Transfer. YouTube keeps changing and reordering their website almost weekly. Because YouTube HD Transfer extracted a lot of data from a video page, this continuously resulted in error messages or video information not being found. Unfortunately we don’t have the time anymore to release a new version every week, so we decided to slim down the application and remove the Search function, as well as most of the video information. Many people prefer to search for HD videos on HDFY or YouTube anyway and all the video information is available there as well.


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