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BigAnt Office Messenger

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Our Rating 7 /10
License Freeware
Windows          XP/Vista/7/8

With a neat look and familiar interface like MSN, there is no learning curve to use this BigAnt Office Messenger. All your clients will be connected to IM server that located in your company, regardless you have LAN connection only, or you are connected from internet or via VPN, and even more, your login account and password can be the same as they are in Active Directory/LDAP. Send instant and offline message to contact(s) from anywhere, ticket your message was read or not yet. All messages will be logged on both client computer and IM server, you can search with query conditions and print your dialog in one click. Start discussion among participants in real time, invite/remove members at any time. Group discussion can be arranged within Departments, multiple contacts or Users selected to create personalized discussion Groups. Also you can keep a record of group discussion and print it out.

  • Encrypt all communications through network. BigAnt IM suite use server/client platform to set up a private and secure instant messaging network in company.
  • Import user accounts from a global catalog and create contact list on BigAnt IM server. Create roles for restriction purpose for your office and business use.
  • Send instant message & offline message to a single contact or a group.Stores history message and file archives on IM server. View, search & print history message.
  • Transfer files from PC to PC, forward a received file, or transfer a folder with multiple contacts at one time.
  • Change status to busy, away, etc. Stores frequently used phrases or sentences as answers to incoming message.


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