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Microgaming Company – Free Games and Benefits

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Microgaming is the name you’ve probably never heard before, although their impact on contemporary online gaming is huge – and they are still rocking! I present you the game developing company which is now active for more than 20 years and is responsible for the first online casino game ever.

Microgaming Company

Nowadays, they stand for one of the strongest in the gambling games industry, publishing something fresh every month. This tempo of work led to them having more than eight hundred games and even more than a thousand variants of those games.

Their soft is used on the world famous casinos like William Hill, Eurogrand and other leaders of the branch. A large collection of Microgaming free casino games like free slots are in free access on  website.

So what games are they famous for? Well, apart from previously mentioned first online casino, there are numerous other projects which may not be as famous as Mario Bros, but the players who are into gambling will certainly like them. Here is a short list of their popular games.

  • Avalon: Online Slot – A slot video game which is heavily based on the legends of king Arthur;
  • Jurassic Park Online Slot – This one is self-explanatory;
  • Battlestar Galactica Online Slot;

This list can go on and on. The best thing about it is that all of their games, especially the slot video games are mostly based on popular culture, including many names such as the ones mentioned above.

Microgaming Company

Of course, every successful business such as this one has a great team that supports all of it. The Microgaming game development company is led by the firm but friendly hand of Roger Raatgever who was also responsible for founding this company in the Isle of Man where its headquarters are currently located. It is also important to mention the finance director John Coleman who also holds a huge responsibility when it comes to running Microgaming.

The next important thing is – what is the technology used in this company? The talented programmers mostly use .NET, C#, Java, Adobe Flash and HTML5 and the applications are suitable for both Windows and Mac. The games are all well optimized and can work both for users who have strong machines as well as lesser ones.

Microgaming Company

The latter will have no trouble running their games as long as the settings are lowered.  However, the secret ingredient to this company is their kernel that is named RNG (Random Number Generator) which is included in all the games as the basis for gambling and is approved by all the testing companies.

When it comes to the amount of money these guys make, there is no doubt that they have a huge annual profit. This is mostly due to the fact that they are making gambling games which sometimes require investment for the players. However, they also pay a lot. For example, in October, 2015 their popular gambling game called Mega Moolah made one lucky guy a millionaire. He earned as much as £13,213,838.68 while playing this game.

Microgaming Company

By the way, all the games available in the above website are in the open access and all free slot games placed on webpage and you can play it withou tany download..

To sum up, Microgaming is leading in when it comes to the gambling games industry. Most of their games are closely connected with popular culture and the references to the contemporary world and the payments from their games can sometimes really be huge. Under the good leadership, they are certainly bound to further prosperity and success.

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