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How Does Startpage Measure Up?

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timthumbThere are many software programs that claim to do things and fail miserably. Some of them like Google Reader recently closed down. However, one artificial intelligence program, known simply as Genieo startpage is causing quite a stir on the World Wide Web. A careful analysis of the pros and cons of this particular software reveals an intriguing and exciting new product that is sure to generate lots of buzz as it gains momentum. For one thing, startpage is unlike anything that has been presented to web browsers. It is intuitive, in the sense that it can understand your browsing habits and it scours the web in search of information that you want to see. Users no longer have to spend copious amounts of time opening up multiple tabs and searching for information – startpage does it all for you.

The Pros and Cons of using Genieo Startpage

On the plus side, startpage is really easy-to-use. There is no complicated software to program and there is no need to input all sorts of data to make the program work. It is intuitive, self-aware and it can adapt to your changing preferences. Further, the algorithms governing this software allow it to be able to predict what information is important to you.  Users can access this homepage – startpage – from anywhere with Android, iPhone and iPad devices. It also allows for tracking of your favourite sites and stories that are of particular interest to you. A review of startpage did not detect any noticeable cons of using the software. In fact, if anything it speeded up our web browsing process and eliminated a lot of unnecessary content from our searches. The fact that the software is free to download and install is another big plus.

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