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Microsoft Office Starter

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Microsoft Office Starter

Our Rating 7 /10
License Freeware
Windows          XP/Vista/7


Microsoft Office 2010 Starter includes, Microsoft Word starter 2010, Microsoft Excel Starter 2010, Microsoft Office Tools (which includes : Microsoft Clip Organiser, Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Centre, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Microsoft Office Starter To-Go Device Manager 2010).

Office Starter differs from the complete version of Office in that it includes just two productivity programs (Word Starter and Excel Starter), and the interface displays advertising. Features typically used in business or academic settings are not included.The Office Starter version not as powerful as full-featured Open Source products like OpenOffice, however it includes all the basic features needed for everyday word processing and simple spreadsheet work. For many people, the Starter version may be all they ever need.

You will be downloading an online installer that downloads the necessary files for your operating system.


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