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Rating 8 /10
License Freeware
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


SuperScan is a powerful connect-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver. Multithreaded and asynchronous techniques make this program extremely fast and versatile.


  • Perform ping scans and port scans using any IP range.
  • Use a text file to extract addresses from.
  • Scan any port range from a built-in list or any given range.
  • View responses from connected hosts.
  • Modify the port list and port descriptions using the built in editor.
  • Merge port lists to build new ones.
  • Connect to any discovered open port using user-specified “helper” applications.
  • Assign a custom helper application to any port.
  • Save the scan list to a text file.
  • Transmission speed control.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive help file.


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